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Let our CAAS solution elevate your team’s efficiency while our smart home solutions bring added joy to your life and family.

What We Do ?

VOIP / Network Communication

Etech Data specializes in customizing network and VOIP system plans to meet individual requirements. Our meticulous approach involves comprehensive analyses to select ideal network topologies, hardware components, and connectivity solutions, ensuring flawless data transmission across multiple sites for optimal business performance. Committed to providing superior local and international connectivity, our goal is to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Our dedicated efforts focus on ensuring seamless connections and reliable services across different geographical locations, fostering a global network of satisfied clients. We strive to consistently deliver top-notch connectivity solutions to support our customers' requirements on a global scale.

Smart Home

Etech Data is dedicated to revolutionizing residences into intelligent living spaces, offering advanced, secure, and enjoyable solutions. Our proficiency spans various domains:

  • Cutting-edge Security Cameras for state-of-the-art surveillance.
  • Comprehensive Alarm Systems ensuring robust security integration.
  • Smart Lighting solutions creating the ideal ambiance and promoting energy efficiency.
  • Immersive Surround Sound Systems for an enriched audio experience.
  • Premium Audio and Video setups, delivering unparalleled entertainment quality. Trust us to elevate your home environment with our expertise in smart home technologies.

Business Solutions

Elevate your business with Etech Data's comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize operations and drive growth. From CAAS (Communication as a Service) and VOIP services ensuring seamless communication, to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems enhancing client interactions, and call center solutions for efficient customer support, we offer a range of tools tailored to your business needs. Additionally, our expertise extends to integrating your operations with Microsoft productivity apps, streamlining workflows and maximizing productivity. Trust Etech Data to empower your business with innovative, reliable, and integrated solutions for success in today's dynamic market landscape.

"Meet Our CEO!"

Our CEO brings over 18 years of industry expertise to the table. He earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Networking in 2017 and is a licensed electrician. With a solid background as a foreman for an electrical company, he has overseen numerous electrical projects in South Florida. In 2020, he expanded E-Tech Data's operations to Haiti, landing contracts with the Haitian government, including SEMANAH, to design and implement their Phone Systems, IT Networks, VoIP Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and Electrical Systems. He holds certifications in various technical areas, including Sonos, Bose, Control 4, Grandstream, Yealink, Unifi Network, TP-Link Network, and Magnolia. Under his leadership, our company has significantly improved the living experiences of South Floridian homeowners and helped business owners collaborate with their teams more efficiently.
Peterson Pierre
CEO, Etech Data

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Initiating a project with us promises a collaborative journey toward achieving your goals. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions and ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Whether it’s refining your business strategies, implementing innovative technologies, or enhancing your home environment, we’re dedicated to providing expertise and support throughout the entire process. To commence this exciting venture, please reach out to us for further discussions and let’s begin transforming your ideas into successful outcomes. Contact us today to explore the possibilities together!